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    I have a G2500 and need to know what kind of microphone I can use in the mic port. What about the wiring on the plug? what size plug (2.5mm I think), anyone know? Can I plug in the standard palm headset and just remove the earpiece? Anybody doing this now? what about feedback?

    Lots of questions not many answers.
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    Feedback! Answer is yes. deep echo very distracting. I've checked with seidio and asked on this forum and no answer. I'm sending mine back.
    To bad as the concept is great.
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    The G2500 is designed to use with the external microphone included in the package. If you want to use a third party microphone, it has to be in 2.5mm. A standard Palm headset is not compatible with the cradle. The G2500 has splitted the microphone and stereo audio out into 2 different jacks. Therefore, a regular headset with both mic and audio out connection will not be compatible.

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    Thanks for the info. When I ordered my unit the mic was apparently not part of the set so now I have to hunt for something compatable. I'll look for a fairly directiona mike. with the 2.5 in 2 conector plug

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