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    just got phone technician
    wanna transfer a mp3 to my sd card

    whats the easiest way
    im plannning on getting a card reader or card export soon

    but is there anything i can do for now?

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    Hotsync to your Palm, Download the program Filez, and use it to move the file to your sd card. Next go and get yourself a card reader, it's worth every penny if you intend on transferring a lot of .ogg or .mp3 files.
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    Try CardExport.
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    I bought a seperate SD USB drive (ie card reader) - it was 10 bucks. slip[ the card in, drag and drop. muck quicker then a hot sych.

    For the short term, just add the file w/ the install tool onto the SD card.
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    Open "Install tool", click "add" and choose the mp3 file you want to transfer. In my case, it automatically set to SD card. I checked and the file was sent to "Audio" folder on my card.

    Just remember, it takes a loooong time (several minutes) for a single 3-4 M file. CardExport makes the whole process a lot easier, but still slow like turtle. A card reader should be your best choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music
    Try CardExport.

    dont have the money right now
    using the evaluation version for now
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    when i open my quick install
    i just drag the mp3 in
    will it automatically be put into the correct folder?

    im guessing it will..since its a mp3
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    i dunno if it was put into the correct folder..but it does play fine..thanks guys!!!

    one more didnt compress the file did it?

    like when u sync a movie..and palm desktop shrinks it for u..thinking thats what u want?
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    I am using palm quick install to transfer music files to my SD card. However, there are about 7-10 songs that are "stuck" at quick install. They just won't install or transfer. When you highlight them it says they are ready at the next hotsynch but they never seem to move. They are in .ogg format but I have over 500mb of .ogg files that have transferred flawlessly the first time. Any ideas?

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