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    Amazon has the SanDisk Connect 256 MB + WiFi SD Card

    I know some people have said it won't work on a 650, but what about with the wifi hack? Or does that only work on the palm1 one?

    By the way, brighthand said palm cut the price of their card (same as sandisc, but without the 256 memory). Do you think that means they're coming out with a better one?
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    I'm trying to jumpstart my Treo 650 with SanDisk's 256 + WiFi card and the hack posted at UnEasy Silence by ShadowMite. Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree? Anyone care to set me straight?

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    Any chance this will ever work?

    I use the 256MB part to backup... works OK (although slow)... love to be able to get the WiFi card working though.
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    I also need help here guys!
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    No way to make it work until now.
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    I'm planning on getting a Treo 650, however, this is the only thing keeping me from it...the wifi problem.

    Using that one guy's hack with the drivers... did it allow you to use this card or not?

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    Nop, you need an official Palm Wi-Fi card (and a lot of patience, as it is not really easy to make it work). Have a look at
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    hmm, is it really slow? i guess ill just go with the sled.

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