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    As many of you know, Cingular Wireless does not keep track of your SMS usage until your final bill is posted (or so I've been told). Convenient. I'd love to see an app for the 650 that allows you to enter your billing cycle date and keeps track of your text message usage throughout the month, with a reset at the end of your cycle.

    It would be fantastic just to see the statistics presented as "Incoming MSGS: #", "Outgoing MSGS: #", and "Total MSGS: #"--possibly even take into account messages from CW since they do not count toward monthly usage or overage charges. Maybe you could even enter your specific allowance of messages (according to the plan for which you opted) and be shown automatically totalled dollar amounts in case of overage charges.

    If I had any experience in programming I would do this myself. And I am a newb at the whole Treo thing so maybe there is already such an app? Well thanks for any feedback and please let me know if anyone is willing to attempt to create such a program!
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    yea or you could make sure to deleate your message once a month when the cycle changes, making sure not to deleate any in the meantime.
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    Well let's see, then I would have to manually count each message including every entry in every dialogue, tally up which are outgoing and which are incoming, then total up everything and subtract my allowed msgs. Yes you're right that's much easier than having a program do that for you...
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    That's certainly a great attitude to have towards someone who attempted to help you.

    Just for your info, many providers only charge for outgoing messages, and the method that was described worked perfectly - just by looking at the number of messages in Sent. Also, conversation "thread" can be unthreaded for tally purpose.
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    I agree it is the proper attitude however I believe Mux11's attitude was off base--I put an idea in this thread in an attempt to make life easy for Cingular customers who use the 650. Cingular charges not only for outgoing but for incoming as well. The Treo was designed to make life easier... right? If I am wrong about this then I sincerely apologize...
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    Have you searched the threads? I know this has been asked a few times. I don't think any solutions were given. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by gordian
    The Treo was designed to make life easier... right?
    I have a nagging suspicion that you may be wrong on this - and that it is forums like this and all the independent software that actually achieves this ......

    (I do think you should reread Mux1's post where I see no ill intent - his suggestion would work, even if not perfect)
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    Do you mean something like this? Although it only lists the 600 and doesn't even offer data and SMS for it. Maybe they'll release a full 650 version soon. Maybe you can contact the developer.
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    what about minutes plus? I think that has an option for SMS...

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