I work in the IT Dept and an employee asked that I install his Treo on his computer, so it seemed simple enough except that he was trying to switch all of his settings from an old Sony Clie to the new Treo. I'm not sure how it happened, but now on his Palm Desktop, we have duplicate entries of everything. I used the duplicate entry tool to go in and get rid of exact matched, but in the address book, not all the settings were copied over on the duplicated - specifically the category. In some it had a category and in the other it says unfiled. I don't believe there is anyway for me to easily get rid of 300 duplicated items, rather than do it manually, but if there is please let me know. Also, is there anything I should keep in mind next time I go to hotsync the device?

Currently we have Palm Desktop installed and tomorrow when we attempt to do this again I'm gonna start from scratch, but another confusing thing to me is that he has two user names in the Palm Desktop. I read in the manual that we should reset the old Clie and give it a new name so it doesn't conflict with the new Treo. Is this the case?

Hopefully I can get this sorted out.