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    As anyone actually purchased a GSM650 from Best Buy?

    I'm a T-Mobile user and I've been trying to buy a GSM650 from Best Buy, mainly for their extended warranty plan. I've tried the website, no luck, you can't buy from the website without a new cingular plan.

    I finally got someone in a store who could actually find it in the computer for a special order, but they wanted $799 for a no contract purchase and still could not say if they would actually be able to get one for sale (none in the warehouse).

    Anybody had any luck on this one?
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    The only place you can get a unlocked GSM Treo 650 is directly from PalmOne. Retail outlets do not carry, nor will not carry unlocked/unbranded phones, there is just no money in it.
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    I'm not looking for an unlocked unit, just a GSM unit.
    You can already find the Sprint 650 in the stores just not the GSM650.
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    jberger, currently only place you can find a GSM 650 is from PalmOne and it is unlocked. You may be able to get it from Verizon very soon and it is the only GSM carrier which will have it (so far).

    eBay has it for around $550, unlocked. But without any extended warranty you like to have.
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    what!! can get a 650 fromcingular(cingular is gsm) and it will be locked to cingular. You can get an unlocked GSM from P1.

    Verizon which will be out soon is CDMA NOT GSM
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    He said that nonsense so Matter-of-factly that I almost started to think I was mistaken.
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    I'm with Cingular...he almost had me thinking my Treo wasn't a Treo after all. ; p

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