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    If i go to sprint tomorrow or the next day to sign up, do I still have to download the update 1.08?
    How will I know if my "new" 650 is really new or sitting on the shelf for a few weeks?

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    If you really are concerned about it and don't want to install the update yourself (it's not hard), ask them to make sure it's got the 1.08 update on it before you leave the store. They should be able to install/update it for you.
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    I just purchased mine a few weeks ago and I had to update it. While it does seem strange to have to bring your new phone home and update it, it really is simple and Palm One's web site walks you through it relatively well.

    Here's how to find out...
    From the main application window..
    Press the green "phone" button on left.
    Press the drop down menu button on right
    From the Options tab ->choose phone info
    Read the line titled "software"

    here's a link to the P1 site dealing w/the upgrade

    Treo 650 ->Sprint 1.08
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    I got my Treo 650 from Sprint just last week (4/15). It had 1.03 loaded on it. The upgrade process to 1.08 was not a problem.
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    I agree, the process is not hard, but it is very detailed. Must follow directions carefully, and all will go well. Takes around 20 minutes or so to complete the process.

    You probably already know to do this first, prior to installing new programs, as this update process will erase all memory off the handheld.

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