Hi, I'm new to this excellent forum - and after browsing som interesting topics I miss some hints for this on:

In my car I have a Nokia6230. This one is integrated via the stereo system.
My Treo650 is my primary phone and the 6230 has a "twin-SIM".
I want to be able to look up contacts at the Treo, but make the call via the 6230 (while I'm in the car)
So I figure, I need a phone-link like the one on my old T/T (I was never able to use this on my 6230-T/T setup ) and set it up as a Bluetooth link.
And then the TAKEphONE app seems like a good one to make the call.

Is there any app for my Treo that makes it able to pair with my 6230(or any other BT phone) for dialing via BT?

/Stig of Norway