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    Hello all, I am looking for a little help ~ I am pretty much a rookie with the Treo and I am trying to get my email off my exchange server faster than the Sprint Business Conectivty Program works. I am going to use the VPN connection, but then I am wondering how I would set-up snapper mail to check my exchange server for new mail and such? I know the name of the server and it is not a type name, it is just a server name like xxxx_xxx. Thanks in advance for your help. Jeff
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    Snapper can't access the exchange server directly. Snapper supports IMAP, POP, but not exchange.
    However, most exchange servers also have an IMAP server interface so you should be able to connect to it through IMAP.
    You'll have to contact your IT department and ask them what the IMAP mail server settigns are for your company's exhange server.

    Hare at my company it's simply
    Outgoiong SMTP may be a tricky one also. It's either or

    Nextchange is the only one I'm aware of that can connect to exchange directly, but currently they only support calendar & contacts syching, they don't have email working yet. For more info about them just search these forums.

    Versamail is ueseless too. It works with Activesync interface on the server, but won't connect to exchange direclty.

    I hope this helps.
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    taylorh, thanks. Our IT guys refuse to open up the IMAP, so I guess I am back to using the Sprint Business Connection Utility. What a joke. hmmmm.
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    If you have VPN working so that you can get thru your firewall the job is half done. While at work do a ping of to determine the IP address for the Exchange server. In Snapper use the IP address (nn.nn.nn.nn) instead of the server name for the IMAP 4 Server. For some reason the DNS server does not resolve the server name to IP. At Our site No SSL Security works.

    You must open a VPN connection before you do the mail fetch (sync). The setting should work with other email clients. Because our network people do not want to open IMAP 4 port (143 / 993) thru the firewall I must first establish a VPN connection. The network people did not want to do the extra work of creating a SSL connection. The use a Blackberry server to connect our sales force.
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    I do have the VPN connection, but I cannot find a ping to the IMAP Exchange server. I can ping the Exchange server directly and the VPN server fine ~ but I cannot find the IMAP Exchance server behind the firewall. I sure wish there was a way to set-up an email similar to outlook because I am behind the firewall and I am soooo close, lauhging. Thanks.
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    MO, I was able to do this using Chatter with my VPN. Chatter gives true push which is great, but the VPN burns through the battery in about 8 to 10 hours. I ended up only logging in long enough to get my updates and logging back off to save power. I am still exploring my other options like Surewave and Nextchange, both OWA solutions. I'm hoping one will work well. My preference would be Nextchage due to the economics of the fees. In the mean time, I can still get my email. Hope that helps.

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    I do not use Chatter mail because I need have VPN connection open prior to any email syncs. With Chatter I would need to keep it open all the time and would have to keep Treo on the charger. I currently use Snapper and manually open VPN connection prior to Sync with Work Exchange Mail server and when done I close the VPN connection. A request was asked Snapper development to add to server configuration option what VPN connection needed to be opened prior sync, so that Snapper could open and close VPN connections when a Sync by that server is requested. Nothing has happened to that request. I am waiting for Blackberry Connect to solve my problem, and I could be waiting a long time.

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