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    I have a Sprint Treo 300 and am going to buy the Treo 650 (new phone, new service, new phone number -- I moved and don't want my old number any longer) from Cingular later today. Does anyone know if the 650 uses the same charger adapter as the 300, or do I need to buy another car adapter for the 650?

    The cheapest rate I can find on the 650 is $299 (after rebates) at amazon. Any other deals that I've missed so far? I plan to go for 450 minute plan and the media plan unlimited for $24.95 for internet access, but amazon doesn't allow me to buy it when I buy the phone so I'll have to add it later.

    (excited future T650 owner)
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    You'll need a new car adapter. I got the palm-branded one for $12 at

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    I bought this charger off ebay. I got mine under $10 and it's great:
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    i've been doing some searches for 650 (sprint version) car chargers on ebay and google. on my treo 300, the charger plug plugs into the data/hotsync port on the bottom. some of the ones for the 650 look like this, and other have a smaller connector that looks like they may fit in the smaller port on the bottom. can the Treo 650 charge from both the data connector and that other plug? is there any difference?

    some interesting devices out there:
    - straight cigarette plug to hotsync connector
    - cig plug with usb power port on it, connect usb hotsync cable to it
    - straight cigarette plug to smaller connector
    - "combo 2-in-1 hotsync + recharge from usb"

    anybody have any negative experiences with any of these? the combo idea sounds cool cuz then i could recharge from my laptop if necessary.
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    Dan's Cellular (on eBay) has the OEM charger (exactly the same as the Palm charger) for $8. Sprint charges $40 for the same device.
    I have ordered several items from Dan over the past couple of years and have always received great service and the product advertised.
    Makes you wonder just how badly we're getting raped by Palm/Sprint when a guy on eBay can sell the same item (assume he's making a profit) at 1/5 the cost.

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