TreoCentral Forum Members,

I just got the unlocked GSM version of the Treo 650 after waiting six months for the roadshow orders to go out. I'm finally a member of the Treo family!

It also means I have a lot of set up questions and was hoping the members here could point me in the right direction on how to achieve my goals.

I want to combine my work and personal Outlook environments (email, calendar, contacts) on my Treo.

Work isn't on Exchange 2003, they standardized on Blackberry and I need to take my laptop when I travel.

At home I have one computer with two users (wife and me) and one instance of Outlook. She will be getting her own Treo 650 shortly.

Personal email is a POP3 account through my ISP.

Can I support sync'ing both my work and personal Outlook contacts and calendar info with the Treo or do I need to get both data sets into one environment?

Can I maintain two Palm desktop databases (or conduits to two user accounts on one instance of Outlook) when my wife adds her Treo to our home computer?

How can I get my work emails pushed to my Treo, automatically update deletes and replys back to my work Outlook account and maintain my work email address with the constraints I have?

How can I do the same for my personal emails from my POP3 account back to my home computer Outlook account?

Can I accept Outlook appointment requests on the Treo and have them automatically populate the Treo calendar (and ultimately the Outlook calendar) with the environment I have?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,