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    I'm using Reverse DUN with WinXP internet connection sharing. The Treo can connect and I can browse using blazer, but most of the times I need to try and load a page 2 times. The first time I type a URL it just says "Sending..." , but if I click "go" again, it will then "Receive.." and bring up the page immediately.

    Same thing with TreoAlarm, the first time I try to update weather, it timesout, but try again and it pulls down the weather data immediately.

    With some debugging I found that when the treo makes the Reverse DUN connection, the IP settings it receives are:
    IP: (changes, since its DHCP)

    I don't know why the gateway is, it should be I have tried setting the correct value for gateway on the bluetooth network adapter in XP, but the treo is still handed out I have a feeling that this could be affecting the connections that the treo apps are trying to make and causing the 'first connection timeout' behavior. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any known workaround?

    Sid Vajirkar
    Unlocked 650
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    I checked and my Sprint PCS Treo 650 also has Gateway IP of I have not observed the initial connection time out problem. My Treo is also connecting thru a Windows XP Pro SR2 PC to Cable Internet.
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    By the way can not connect with Blazer browser but does work with both Xiino and WebPro browsers. In my case Blazer forces PCS connection. This may be a Sprint thing.

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