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    New and Prospective Treo 650 Owners - Start here

    How to upgrade from Treo 600 to 650

    Download of Palm Desktop for 650 posted

    My Working Power User Treo 650 Setup!!

    Absolute Treo Perfection- Accomplished!

    I believe in TREOvolution!! 600 to 650 perfection!!

    Cool mobile sites! Top Mobile/PDA Friendly websites

    Is it me or is this update AMAZING?

    Cool things that the 650 does that most may overlook

    Macromedia Flash on Treo WORKS!!!

    Coolest things to do with your wireless Internet Connection...

    -- what is the treo capable of doing with a data plan?

    Treo 650 used as a modem?

    Instructions for Bluetooth DUN updated

    Setting up PalmVNC

    Local web pages -- AWESOME TRICK!!!

    Compatible and recommended Software for the Treo
    PalmOne Treo 650 Software Compatibility List

    SIX applications you couldn't do without

    -- Six essential applications summed....

    Resco Locker: Stabilize your 650 by locking (non-NVFS aware) applications into memory

    SharkMsg... Released

    ZLauncher theme for 650 ?

    -- gfunkmagic and his windows screenshot

    Known Issues with Treo 650 (with Resolution)
    How to install TomTom on Treo 650

    Audio Problems

    Master list of reasonable fixes for palmOne

    Dial Up Networking For Sprint - HACKED!

    reverse DUN works!!

    New alternative BlueTooth DUN enabler

    BT DUN: How to article

    Phone volume can go beyond 100% now!

    Need Help with duplicate contacts and laptops

    1.20 ENA Update using Temp profile >> Check your Carrier DB after restoring data

    Abilty to record your own ring tones was taken away in latest update!?!

    Rom restore tool for windows usb connection

    -- Treo 650 Bootloader Restore - DONE! (Bring back your Treo from failed ROM Updates)

    Danger- Outlook Birthday's & Treo 650

    Memory and (some) Resolutions
    Where has my memory gone???

    Anyone tried " DBCache Tool " on Treo 650 ?

    What are your dbCache settings and config?

    Free Some(More) Memory

    Known Issues with Treo 650 (without Resolution)
    T5 Wifi Drivers, will they work on the Treo 650?

    Treo 650 date bug

    New 650 Problem - Reason for many unexplained 650 problems!

    BEST PTUNES ShoutCast Streams !

    Playing Movies On Treo 650

    Best video player ever! EVER! REALLY! IT IS FREE! OMG!

    Holy Smokes!!! Pocket Tunes, Shoutcast & the 650

    Modifications that may be of interest - proceed at your own risk!
    8gb SDHC Card on Treo650 - NOW POSSIBLE!!!

    how do i take the 650 apart? (to fix the jack)

    Custom Rom - The Easy Way!

    Note Pad

    Fast-mode Blazer for 650!

    FAT32 for 650 Works - Thanks Shadowmite!

    Sprint Splash Screen Mods

    HOWTO: Mod your OWN spash screen (now with 1 stop creation)

    Step By Step Instructions for HotSync over Bluetooth to Linux

    FYI and Miscellaneous
    GSM 650: unlock vs subsidy for noobs

    Blinking Star or Flashing Asterisk or Snowflake or Message Indicator?

    How do you type an underscore?

    Crosshair Icon/little black circle with a cross/e911/location privacy indicator
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    Ok, sticky this please instead of taking up the entire page. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunmoon
    sticky this please instead of taking up the entire page
    Well, it's not quite an entire page, but a good idea anyway.
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    Maybe this thread should be locked by the Admins so that it does not fill up with irrelavant posts. (Cause its bound to happen.) Then the mods can simply add new posts for threads that are recommended.
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    Good suggestion, darnell. Thread locked.
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    Updated with How to install TomTom on Treo 650 and Audio Problems links.

    Any suggestions or removals please post here:
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