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    I don't know if anyone has experienced or heard of this possibility, but I thought I'd post this to see if anyone knows of it.

    Last night, I started up my IBM laptop (T42) that I use to hotsync with my T650. I always hotsync with the USB hotsync cable supplied by Palm. As soon as I connected the cable to my Treo, I heard a soft pop, the laptop screen went out, and then the laptop shut down.

    I disconnected the cable and restarted the laptop and then noticed that my USB connected mouse was not functioning. After checking out device drivers, etc. everything appeared okay, but no mouse. again. I thought it might be a mouse problem, but it is not. Further investigation revealed that the USB ports (it has two) are no longer working. Also, my sound is gone. Everything else works fine including the touchpad. This laptop is about 5 months old, so it's under warrantly thank God! I called IBM service and the tech said apparently an electrical short occurred, which likely killed the USB ports and sound. I have to send it in and they will probably have to replace the entire system board, since on laptops so much is integrated.

    I'm just curious as to whether anyone has ever heard of such an issue related to a Palm device USB conection? I think it's possible that static somehow built up on either my Treo or laptop, but not at all sure. The laptop had not been used all day. It was on my home desk all day, but plugged in. Of course, I had my Treo with me all day. My Treo is fine, so the problem has not affected it.

    It's just a little strange. Any thoughts anyone or experience with this?

    If you haven't, you still may want to try and ensure you do not have any existing static conditions when you connect your Treo via a USB cable. The IBM tech said this is actually a problem that occurs on all types of PC machines with USB ports when connecting another powered peripheral device to the port.
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    I do seem to remember someone posting a similoar experience some time ago. IIRc, they had the power adapter plugged in to the hotsync cable at the time, and were postulating that perhaps there had been a short between it and the USB pins somehow.
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    Not my treo, but my usb drive blew my USB ports on my T42 docking station. THankfully I sit about 3 feet from the guy who does our harware repair, so all was good. I think usb is very open to this sort of issue due to the fact that it already has "power" to it.
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    Man sorry to hear that! Especially it's an IBM too lol.

    I always use USB hubs on my Dell Inspiron 8200 when I can because I believe if something is going to short, maybe the hub is going to fry instead of the USB port but I cannot confirm that.

    Anyway it's rare for that to happen I assume, after all electronics does like each other? LOL
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    YES! This happened to me about 8 weeks ago. I plugged in the USB port and then plugged in the power as I remember and it blew out my USB ports. had to have the MB replaced.


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