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    I have a GSM Treo 650 and simply don't have enough room on my phone for Vindigo (which I simply can't do without). I've tried to install it to my memory card, but the quick installer says "There is no application on the organizer to handle this file." ??? Oh, and after the sync, it automatically installs it in the Phone section anyway. And I haven't found any help on Vindigo's site (which if I follow their instructions, downloads it directly to the phone everytime). Has anyone accomplished this? Thanks.
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    Try Powerrun
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    I use Zlauncher to move applications from RAM to the SD Card. I installed Vindigo to RAM following the directions on the Vindigo website. I then moved Vindigo to the SD card using ZLauncher.

    When I synch my 650 a new updated copy of Vindigo is created in RAM. I simply move this to the card replacing the older version. Hope this helps.

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