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    I simply don't have enough room on my GSM Treo (I have Goodlink which is HUGE and can't be put on a memory card) AND I dislike Versamail and would like to try another program (Snapper/Chatter) that I can save to my memory card. Versamail isn't in the list of programs I can delete, nor is it on the Palm CD. How do I uninstall it? Thanks for the help.
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    I'm assuming that you have a Treo 650. Versamail is part of the ROM software, so that's why you're unable to delete it. If you're brave you could replace your ROM software with a custom ROM you download or create.
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    Alex: I'm disliking the 650 more and more. The 600 really was much less a pain in the ***.

    Perhaps I'm just stuck with Versamail and will need to fix whatever kink is making it stop halfway when it connects to search for mail (i.e., stopped for TWO MINUTES) before it continues. *sigh*

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    You can "delete" Versamail. You just have to create a custom ROM without Versamail in it. Search the forums on how to create a custom ROM.

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