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    I'm using an unlocked GSM Treo 650 with GPRS service on the TSTT network in Trinidad.

    I've noticed that when using Bluetooth DUN I can only receive calls if there is no current data transfer. If however, I am downloading a file or opening a new page then calls are directed to voice mail. When the download is complete I can again receive calls.

    Would this be a feature of the Treo or the network?
    I understand (and please correct me if I am wrong) that GPRS shares bandwidth with GSM and the above may be a limitation of the network. However, I also understand that EDGE uses separate bandwidth from the GSM voice network. Would this mean that when I switch to EDGE from GPRS that I can have simultaneous voice and data transfer? Or is this (also?) a limitation of the 650? Can someone using an unlocked 650 with EDGE test and report? Thanx.
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    I believe it's a network item. Only with more advanced data networks (EV-DO on CDMA, and UMTS on GSM) can any device have a simultaneous voice/data gig going. That's what I think, although I certainly might be incorrect.
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    Perhaps there are limitations with both network and device: after a few searches I read on another thread that the 650 only allows for a single communications channel which is shared between voice and data and cannot transfer both simultaneously. That immplies that there are probably devices that can do both... perhaps

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