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    I am looking for the following:

    A notepad style application that allows me to create notes on my desktop and sync with my palm. Like a yellow sticky note app - but needs to be windows and palm and on windows needs to be SIMPLE! and QUICK to use.

    Also looking for a travel app, expenses etc style thing - their seems SOOO many of them out there - what do people recommend ?

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    You can use Dataviz Documents To Go for syncing documents to windows.
    As far as the travel app, what other features do you need? You might need to use a couple of different free apps. Converter from Landware will do your conversions, Metro for directions, etc
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    at the moment I have like 20 notepad.txt files I have all over my desktop when I am taking notes during phone calls etc. I really want a postit note syle application - but now I have my palm if i was to get one I would want it to sync with my treo. The thing about notepad.exe is its quick to get to, need something very very simple that can take text notes and sync to a memo or eq on the treo.

    In terms of the travel apps - guess i want to buy that has it all - just seemed soooo many on palmgear etc and working out which is the best one, most features for your $

    Another app I am looking for is to control my PC via bluetooth. I just want simple windows media player, foorbar etc ... so when i am sat in bed watching a movie playing from my latop via my TV I don;t have to get my lazy arse out of bed to get to my laptop :-) I had one these apps as on my Sony Erricsson T610 mobile phone - so the Treo must have something that can do this :-)


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