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    I have been using a Treo 300 happily for about two years. My wife had been using hers for a little longer until it was stolen - and her insurance replaced it with a 600. I had been planning on upgrading this summer to a 600 or 650, since I was so impressed with hers. I had been leaning towards a 650, but I can get a 600 for less money, and I'll still have all of the 300 chargers that will work with a 600 but not a 650. I also suspect that if I get a 600 I'll be happy enough with the improvement over the 300. Will I really be giving up enough improvements to regret not getting the 650?
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    Get the 650. After last night's adventure in ROM upgrading, I have a custom ROM loaded. While not perfected, I do have most of my favorite apps loaded into ROM. This along with Bluetooth, better screen, better camera and newer OS are reason enough to upgrade.
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Get the 650 and and make your wife envious.... Honestly, I've had both and I would not want a t600 again.
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    ive got the 600 and upgraded to the 650. (both gsm unlocked)

    the 650 is awsome! better screen, better keyboard, seems faster, better apps like the camera, calendar, phone, etc... (oh and better crashes haha)

    the only thing not better which is a big thing is the call volume. my 600 is almost twice as loud as my 650 using the regular handset OR speaker phone making calls.

    with that said.. i never use my 600 on max volume level cause its so loud. but on my 650 its always on max level. i think its reasonable, but some ppl on this forum hate it. i still dont understand why that cant match the 650's volume to the 600's volume... it also seems that everyone who says that that their 650 phone volume is "fine" or "i got lucky my volume isnt affected" seems to not have had a previous 600 or hasnt done a side by side live comparison or at least i havent seen/met anyone to prove this wrong

    so if you do get the 650 let us know if it is indeed lower then your wifey's 600.

    i still have my 600 and im still thinking about returning the 650. not sure yet tho. its an expensive phone and at that price you would think it would be nice to have louder than normal call volume levels.

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