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    Please help.. this is my first visit on TREOCENTRAL... my TREO600 is receiving email via advance GPRS but everytime I press SEN AND RECEIVE
    it doesnot send emails. The error is "e were unable...please go to the server tab of accounts settings to correct this. If problem continues contact your mail provider for support"
    I have checked the settings.. they are all fine.. the same settings work on
    NOKIA. Except that NOKIA outgoing server reads "IMAP4" and TREO reads "SMTP".. in my outlook setting on my PC I do it as SMTP(similar to TREO) and it works fine..
    Please help..
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    I know for sprint that your outgoing email server has to be and then your username/password.
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    Apparently, you have a GSM phone. Your outgoing e-mail needs to be set up through your carrier. If you are in the US and your carrier is T-Mobile, you need to set up your account at T-Mobile's web site. Probably the same for any other carrier, but I can't say for sure.
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    I have shown the phone and the settings to the service provider ORANGE and they have checked through and passed on the buck stating that this is your server problem
    but when I confronted them that the same settings were fine on NOKIA, then they said that this is a TREO problem and not a problem from our side (ORANGE service provider).
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    Just wondering if you have a data plan, or if it is included with your calling plan, or if it is, has it been turned on? Stating some assumptions...
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    well.. this has to be requested additionally to the service provider and they send the settings thru sms. IN anycase I got the settings checked by their enginer.
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    I'd say your best bet is to find another Orange subscriber with a Treo and find out how they do it. Too bad your provider can't help. Good luck.
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