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    OK just found PDA reach! - totally cool program and my fav so far. It allows you to have your Treo on the PC with total remote control. However has anyone seen an app like this that i can plugin my PC headset and take calls though the cable / bluetooth ?

    I was looking for a PC SMS <> Treo SMS app - PDA Reach does that wil bells on - but anyone seen a REALLY simple SMS only so i can send / recieve SMS on my PC but send via cable to Treo.

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    can't help you with the program, but the PDAreach thing sounds rather cool. what are the limitations of the trial?
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    the uRL - def going to buy a copy - have not seen any limitations -
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    thanks for the link. the program looks super cool. i played around with it and it can only run in RAM (not powerrun or from the card), but it's only 59k so no biggie.

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