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    Ok this may sound crazy, and I admit it is a little eccentric, but...

    Has anyone tried to connect a Treo 650 via Reverse DUN to another GPRS cell phone? I have the Motorola RAZR V3 as well as the Treo 650. I primarily use the 650 for e-mail but as a phone it lacks that special something. I'd prefer to use the RAZR as a phone and have the treo connect via BT to check e-mail, etc...

    So what I want to know is, is it possible to connect the Treo using some sort of DUN or BT connection so that it is using the GPRS connection of the RAZR?
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    no one has even tried?
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    I used Versa Mail on my Tungsten T3 connecting thru BlueTooth to my AT&T phone and out. The bluetooth software in the T3 did the pairing and the phone was my GPRS connection. Given that the Treo 650 should be it's own "connection", they may not have built that type of pairing sequence into the Treo 650 Bluetooth and Versa Mail software. The T3 obviously needed it and its setup was under "connections" in preferences -- I do not see a BT connection to another phone listed in my Treo 650 "conncections" section.

    Looks like you might be out of luck.

    Now a Treo 650 with a 4GB microdrive in a RAZR body would be a thought . . . . .
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    ok, so now I have looked everywhere for this, including a bunch of RAZR / Motorola forums. I didn't find anything because (I assume) there just aren't that many people that 1) have or can afford both devices 2) have tried to sync the 2 via BT 3) care in the slightest...

    So that sucks big arse! I wonder if thats something that Shadowmite's DUN patch would address in the slightest? I really want to use the RAZR as a phone and the treo as a browser

    However, I was able to find a Java client for Cingular's XpressMail and after a few hacks to the RAZR I was able to install and configure the client to access my exchange server mail from work on the RAZR. I have to say that with access to my work e-mail I *almost* have a treo replacement in the RAZR. I could never replace the screen, keyboard and web browser on the treo.

    UPDATE: after flashing to 1.15 firmware I am now able to at least pair the two devices. I can send pictures and ringtones but not contacts

    blargh I say, BLARGH!
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    In theory, if the RAZR allows other devices to share its internet connection, you should be able to do so. Kind of a like a reverse DUN situation for the Treo. It shouldn't matter to the Treo what it's connecting via bluetooth to, whether it's a PC or a cellphone.

    There are several "reverse DUN" topics in this forum, do a search and check them out.
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