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    Are there any apps that let you use a single button to launch different scripts, based on how long or how rapidly you repeat the press?

    For example, KeyCaps enables a single button on the keyboard to have three different actions depending upon whether you press it for a shor time, a long time, or repeat it twice in succession.

    Is there anything similar for the four application buttons or the side button?

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    There are a few programs that pop up a different window for each hard button and I guess you toggle through the list, I think most of them let you assign 4 application to each button but that seems like a pain to push a hard button then toggle through choices.

    I think this one allows you to launch an different apps if you press a hard button between 1 and 3 times. I was thinking about something like this for my self. 123 launcher

    There are several button launchers at handango. If you find one you like, please let me know and I'll try it too. Looks like all of them are on this page
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    I use HBX (Hard Button Extender). I think the URL is .
    DO NOT assign anything to the red "off" button.

    -Jeff DLB
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    Also, check the "auto repeat" box for the Off button.

    HBX will then give you access to 12 apps through the other 3 hard buttons (4 for each button via HBX, then 1 more via Palm Prefs that you can press-and-hold to access.)

    -Jeff DLB
    Palm user since 1999-04-16: III > IIIx > Vx > Sony N610c > SJ33 > Treo 650 GSM > Centro CDMA
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    Also search Handango or PalmGear for AardQuick. It's the button launcher I settled on after trying a bunch of them. Very configurable, and allows an unlimited number of apps assigned to each button. I have 5 each assigned to the Calendar and Messaging buttons, leaving the other 2 free for their phone functions.
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