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    I'm a new 650 owner, and I'm trying to figure out how to play back a video recorded with the phone. The "Media" app plays back the video, but there is no audio associated with it. The volume control on the "Media" app does nothing. I hear the audio when I move the video to my computer and play it in Quicktime, so I know its there. I've searched these forums and have not been able to find anything. I've also poked around on the Palm support site.

    Can anyone help me out here? How do I playback a recorded video and hear the audio on the phone?
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    Do you have the mute switched on? (the button on top of the phone)
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    The mute switch is off. All other sounds work. MP3s work.
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    Check preferences in the camcorder app as well (there is a mic setting there).
    Also take not that the mic isn't strong, so try talking while you are recording. I am betting it will pic up sounds that are close. Let us know what happens
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    Well, I know it recorded audio because the video plays fine on my computer in QuickTime. When I try to play the video in TCPMP I get the following error: Audio codec (AMR,0057) not supported by the player. When I try to play it in "Media" I get video with no audio. Ptunes plays my MP3s fine. The video and audio works fine in Quicktime, but not on the actual device.

    And I'm not the only one having this problem:
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    Being able to hear the audio totally depends on the audio codec contained within the Quicktime (.mov) container, and the player you use has to support that audio codec. So while the video player in the 650 and TCPMP support a variety of audio codecs, they do not support all of them, and apparently AMR is one that is not supported. However, if the audio codec used was MP3 or another TCPMP-supported format, then it would likely play with the video without any issue. Hope that helps.

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