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    I am considering a keyboard (BT wireless) for my Treo 650 and am wondering about durability, featureset and overall performance vs. others out there. My options are as follows (from Treo Central of course )...

    1) Freedom Bluetooth
    2) ThinkOutside Stowaway
    3) palmOne Wireless

    Based on Treo 650 performance for hardware/firmware, I don't much trust #3 lol

    Any contributors before I buy??
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    I love the Freedom Keyboard.

    I know someone who even used the Freedom Keyboard with a Tungsten through a bluetooth SD card, now there is a true test of compatability.

    I know lots of people who are very happy with the Freedom Keyboard!
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    Sweet. That was my first choice. Are there tiny parts (the rack that it rests on)? Wondering how well it folds, etc.
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    I have purchased the Freedom Keyboard. It works fairly well. I have not been able to get the cursor control to work on the keyboard (You press a green alt key and then arrows. Doesn't work) and much use my stylus to navigate pages.
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    I'm happy with the IR Palm Universal Wireless. I'm a little confused about the BT keyboards. I use the keyboard on airplanes. Isn't it not-kosher to use BT on an airplane?

    Of course I'm not totally happy... I'm still trying to find that utility to rotate the screen.
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    I just bought this one from ebay


    I think (am hoping) thats the one that was reviewed on TreoCentral. Got it for a good price too (I think) $35 + shipping (9)

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