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    Why do these companies put up buggy software to earn a bad reputation? Are they related to Microsoft? Are WE the beta testers? Small companies just can't afford bad reviews.
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    Bioart or anyone:

    Does peditpro have a conduit to convert docs to be used between word 97 and the visor?

    If so, this may get my money.
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    Originally posted by kalaban
    Does peditpro have a conduit to convert docs to be used between word 97 and the visor?
    Currently, no... but I think the developer has said he will probably do one in the future, although it may just be a conduit from the handheld to the desktop, not necessarily an application-specific converter.
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    The conduit would be nice... (from within pedit) Paul didn't give me any hints that he was doing one, he kinda implied that there were so many options, it wasnt a high priority (I'm paraphrasing here Paul ) I would definitively love to have one... I am really happy with pedit, and would like to have one app/developer for all my text editing needs...

    I found a word macro that worked as a conduit, but I cant remember the name (it's at work)... I think it had "word" on its name check out palmgear... The problem is that even though it works now, the installation was a pain in the neck (on NT) and I get a visualbasic error every time I start word (but it still works )

    I'll try and find the name tommorow

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    I don't know folks but I have really put Megadoc through its paces and it hasn't crashed once on my Palm III. I'm wondering if any instability is a Visor issue. So far, it has worked flawlessly and, finally, I can edit a Word file without saving it as text or making it into a pdb. Give it a chance, its features are really unmatched among Palm/Visor editors.
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    No one has mentioned QED which is a great editor.
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    Originally posted by declana
    No one has mentioned QED which is a great editor.
    I'll second that. QED works very nicely as a text editor, and it's good enough that I've never felt strongly enough about its limits to look for a replacement. I'm presently using it to edit a 30,000 word manuscript broken into seven chapters.
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    yea - i use QED mostly for notetaking - fast, relatively small, and simple...and gets over the 4k limit easily...paired up with docindocout i can get to them pretty quick too (though a 'do all the docs' conduit would be nice)

    the nonstandard interface is an annoyance when it comes to the Stowaway - but it works well and really easy to organize

    pedit's really really good if you need advance features such as character counts, advance find/replace...definitely worth the money and recommended

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    Gotta love it. Very powerful and very handy.
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