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    Marc, or someone else,

    Since rebuilding my Treo from scratch, Chatter is now working well so far, I've noticed that the connection needs to be re-established periodically. I keep Chatter in online mode all the time, so the connection shouldn't need to be re-established at all.

    Every once in a while, several times per day, I'll turn on the Treo and it immediately connects and syncs before I do anything else, like it had been turned off or something.

    I seem to recall a setting, somewhere, that told the Treo to maintain the connection, or something, but I can't find it anywhere. I have Chatter set to Sync messages, so that should be all that I need to do with Chatter, right?

    Any ideas?


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    It should stay connected, but if signal is bad, it will stop trying at some point. Best thing you can do is make a log and send it when you notice the problem.


    p.s. Are you using SSL, btw?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    p.s. Are you using SSL, btw?
    I'm not using SSL, but I am using TLS for GMail SMTP. I actually haven't tried sending an email yet, but I seem to recall that GMail requires the TLS option to work.

    I'll read through the log creation instructions, and get that going for you.



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