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    So I'm using a Cingular-branded Treo 600 unlocked with my T-Mobile service. When I turn on the phone the Cingular logo comes up, which is really no problem, but I'm wondering if I can somehow update to a T-Mobile ROM. I'm thinking that any firmware updates T-Mobile has for the phone can't be installed since it's still Cingular as far as the ROM goes. I don't dare use a Cingular update since it will probably re-lock the phone and I don't have the unlock code. I did try installing the TMo update from their web site but upon running the installer I got the message that I couldn't use this update with this phone. Although no further explanation was given, I assume it's the whole Cingular vs. TMo ROM thing. I just think that it would be nice to have the latest firmware in case some shiney new apps come along that demand the latest firmware. Right now the phone works like a charm so as I said, this is not a high priority thing. Just something that would be nice, like receiving total conciousness on your deathbed.
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    You'll need to use the TokenWriter to change the Treo's ID string to TMO (I think) form CNG.
    Then it'll take the firmware upgrade for TMobile.
    See all of the Firmware FAQs here:
    Now to apply the firmware update, you may need to do a workaround because the updater may see that you already have a current or newer firmware, so it'll refuse to install.
    In that case you'll need to do the following workaround at:
    Here's the text of that:
    Error during update: "Software you are installing is older version...", what should I do?
    This will happen in some cases if you're switching from one brand of 3.05 firmware to another brand of 3.05 firmware (eg. from ATTW to ROW)

    When you see the error message do NOT press OK, instead do a pin-reset and then run the application named "D.C." - this will install the firmware update.
    If you get stuck go ahead and post here or PM me, I'll do what I can to help.

    Get the TMobile updater from here:
    Or you can apply the "generic" which will make it "PalmOne" (unbranded)...which is what I did. In that case you use the TokenWriter to change it to ROW or INT (it used to be INT, but they changed it to ROW so I think both work.)
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