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    I enthusiastically downloaded the latest version of TakePhone today after realizing it had been released. I have used TakePhone off and on for several years now, since the beginning I believe, but lately had been waiting for a more Treo-centric version to arrive. So far, this version looks like a real winner for me!

    Anyway, I have a question, or maybe a suggestion if it's not yet possible. Is it possible to tell TakePhone to not remember the last number dialed in the Dial Create screen? Having to clear that number before dialing another number is a bit tedious.

    Also, is it possible to make it so that TakePhone simply dials a call when the OK button, or 5-way is pressed, after entering a new number? Again, the extra keystrokes to tell it to dial the call is a bit cumbersome - especially when in a hurry.

    If these two things are not possible currently, could they possibly be added to a future update?

    Thanks again for such a great product!

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    On the first one, he made it a little bit easier that when you hold and press the backspace it will clear all. (not the best solution...but I am sure shimon can do what you ask, it WOULD be better)

    On the second one, you can also dial a number in the "find" screen. Just dial the number (at first it would try to find a contact, then they turn into the numbers you are dialing...) and press the center button, and it will dial.

    hope this helps a little (untill Shimon replies ;-) )

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