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    I don't know what I did, but my SD slot stopped holding a card in. I took it apart, cleaned some bits of plastic out of the slot and got the dummy card to fit in, but now it won't even recognize when there is a real card in!! *grumblew grumble grumble*
    Now, if I wasn't trying to save money for my wedding, I would just go get a new VZW 650...
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    verizon will introduce the treo 650 soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkt6
    verizon will introduce the treo 650 soon!
    Doesn't matter to me... no $$$$$
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    You mean you took apart the Treo? Did you record the procedure, which screws etc... that would be handy to have. Try cleaning the contacts of the card too.. just in case.

    - Sid
    Unlocked 650
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    open treo :
    remove 4 rubber caps at the back (you can leave the big one)
    take out SD and SIM card
    unscrew the 4 torx screws located under the 4 small rubber caps
    take off the antenna (pull out when you removed the long screw holding it)
    gently pry the unit open ... I find it works best with long nails (ask GF) or with a credit card.

    Good luck
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