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    I want to use a program called FlightMaster which requires another program called CoPilot to be in RAM. I want to keep both on the card when not in use and move both to RAM at the same time (or FM after CoPilot) and then have both move back. I sent a message to the guys at ZZTechs and got this response:

    Please move those applictions into an same folder, and then
    create a shortcut for active the program.

    Can anyone on the list please walk me through this? I have been unable to do it despite many iterations....

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    If you move one of them to the SD card using Zlauncher, use a file manager (the built in file manager in Zlauncher will do it) to move the other file to the same directory on yor SD card. This is found under programs/Zlauncher/Flightmaster, or something like that.

    ZLauncher will move all files within that directory on your SD to RAM when you select that program. Hope that makes sense...

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