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    For several months now, I've been experiencing intermitent problems w/ FuseMail (sending messages from its web site):

    -- Takes too long/times out
    -- Fails to acknowledge mail was sent (compose mail screen remains after mail has been sent -- pressing send again will send additional copy of message)
    -- Fails to send attachment
    -- Sends blank message (deletes text of message as it sends it)
    -- As it sends, it attaches newly composed message to body of different message previously sent to someone else (as if previously sent message was being forwarded)

    By no means am I perfect, but these have happened too many times to be user errors. None of these happen consistently -- can't discern any cause or pattern. I'm puzzled.

    Q1: Anyone else experiencing similar glitches now and then?

    Thinking of switching to FastMail. For a "Full Account," FastMail says it polls external accounts only every two hours -- Q2: Is this true?
    (I like the fact that FuseMail's polling rate is determined by how often I check my FuseMail account, which is continously using Chatter Email.)

    In advance, thanks!
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    fusemail has worked flawlessly for me. Why you sendong from website so much?
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    fastmail works well for me. Usually very quick turn around on mail. Their servers were down once last week for a short period of time (rare as far as I can tell).
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    What's wrong with sending email from the site? I do it all the time. Maybe he has an online business?
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    If you have an e-mail account somewhere you definitely will want to be able to reliably send e-mail from their website (even if you usually don't need to). I don't have very much personal experience with fusemail. I've had a account for the past 2 years and It's worked very well for me. One important thing to note is that all e-mail services have their share of downtime (some of course more than others).

    The answer to your 2nd question is that yes, you are correct. If you have a "full Account" on fastmail, it will pop your mail every 2 hours. If you have an enhanced account, it will pop your e-mail every 1 hour. If you are able to forward your e-mail to, this might be a faster way of collecting your pop linked e-mail.

    Here are a couple of links that might help you out in your decision making process:

    This is a link to Fastmail's membership levels/pricing structure

    This is a link to Fastmail's main weblog with most of their current announcements. You might want to note one of the links (FastMail.FM status blog) that will show you their uptime/downtime in detail. Most e-mail services that I've seen will not publish this type of information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    Why you sendong from website so much?
    Working in one of my client's offices where I can get onto the web using my notebook on their T1 line. However, something about their security prevents me from downloading my mail to Outlook. I do use Treo for brief messages, but often I'm sending files from my notebook that I'd rather not have to transfer to Treo before sending. For this web mail is my work-around.

    If sending mail via FastMail's web site works fine, I may choose to live w/ polling every 2 hours and switch. I'll give it a try.

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    I've been experimeting with both FastMail and FuseMail. I have full accounts with both. FastMail seems a little faster getting to my Treo when mail is sent directly to the account. Both are EXTREMELY quick with Chatter. But FuseMail gets my Hotmail to me almost instantly.

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