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    PalmOne sent me a 128Mb SD Card, but when it is in the treo, the treo will often get into a loop of the treo beeping and switching to the screen with the contents of the SD Card.

    It seems that the Treo650 (GSM Unlocked) is constantly losing the connection to the SD Card, so it keeps thinking that I just removed and added the SD Card.

    This is bad enough that the treo beeps every 30 seconds, to the extent that I have to keep it on vibrate.

    I have also noticed that the Treo will often not recognize the SD card (soft resetting does nothing, and the Card Info Application shows nothing inserted) and I have to wait for an hour or so until the card is recognized again.

    Is this just a bad card, a bad treo, or is it a software glitch?
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    Have you tried another SD card?
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    I don't own another SD card. I was planning on buying a 1Gb card, but if I have to send the Treo back...
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    Has anyone figured out what this problem might be? I just purchased a SanDisk 512MB card for my new Treo 650 and it's constantly beeping and opening up the Card Window. It was so annoying, I had to turn the sound off, but now my phone lights up every couple of minutes and the Card Window displays.

    Although this is annoying, it seems like my card is saving apps/data correctly. Didnt know if this occurence was a expected, indicates a bad card or etc....

    Please help. Thanks!
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    Sounds like the card is not seating correctly and you keep getting the insert or take out signal. This could be a problem with the card or with the card slot. Clean the contacts on the back of the card with a Q-Tip with some rubbing alcohol and dry it before re-inserting, see if that helps. If not, try a different card. If that doesn't work -- I suspect the card slot. If that's the case -- seek a replacement for the Treo.

    Cheers, Perry

    P.S. You do not have a case for your Treo that is putting pressure on the top of the SD card do you?
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    Is your treo a little ****? j/k. I mean.. Is the card a little loose in the slot?

    MAYBE... the card doesn't have a firm contact with the reader in its slot. You could try tucking a little folded up piece of paper in the slot behind the card to make the contact more firm.
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    My Treo is only a week old and the SD Card was just purchased. The Card looks like it fits snug (w/o any movement). The Treo recognizes the card and Im able to copy things to it BUT when the phone is IDLE, the SC Card window beeps and pops up on the screen.

    I do not have any type of case putting pressure on the card.
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    Clean the card contacts and if that doesn't work, I would be on may way back to the store (or on the phone) for a replacement on the TREO.

    P.S. I guess I would try a new card first, before blaming the TREO.
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    Go with Perry's recommendation.. try exchaning the card first or borrow a card from a friend and see if you experience the same problem.

    You could also look at the metallic connectors on the SD card.. they are usually small scratch marks where it makes contact with the reader. I don't know how helpful it will be to you.. but if some of the connectors aren't meeting fully there might be no scrape marks on some of the connectors.....
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    Thanks for all your suggestions! I will try each one of them tonight when I get home.

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