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    Hi folks,

    Mostly, after reading this sub-forum on Multimedia, I decided to try and put some DVD movie entertainment on my Treo 650.

    However, today, when I purchased, installed, and ran Pocket-DVD studio on my PC, my Pocket-DVD recordings did not have any audio. There is no audio during playback from within the Pocket-DVD Studio program, no audio playback on the created .avi files, and (needless to say) no audio on the Treo 650.

    However, when I run the DVD's through my InterVideo DVD player, the audio is just fine.

    My "DVD Settings" are:
    - DVD Navigator: Microsoft DVD Navigator
    - DVD Video Decoder: InterVideo Video Decoder
    - DVD Audio Decoder: InterVideo Audio Decoder

    I want to say its a problem with the I/V Audio Decoder, but the DVD playback (including audio) is just fine when using the I/V DVD Player.

    Any/all suggestion and or hints on how to fix this is GREATLY appreciated! You can email me, too, at

    Thanks in advance!
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    Okay, folks, I seemed to have figured out the problem.

    After confirming my version of DirectX 9.0 was up-to-date, I tried different codecs, and then came to the realization that the problem wasn't in the codecs, but that the audio was being omitted due to something in the dvd stream-in.

    So, I checked my InterVideo WinDVD version (v.3), and suspected it was probably hopelessly antiquated to work properly with these newer software programs. Downloaded the InterVideo WinDVD6 version, installed, rebooted...voila! Pocket-DVD Studio is working--audio and all.

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