First off with all itís issues I have to say I love my 650 , however it can be annoying at times. My current annoyance is with Cal events that have time zones. I travel a lot between states and have found the time zone option on a cal event to be critical for me. All winter long itís work flawlessly, I land at the airport, fire up the radio (I have network time enabled) it gets the network time and it adjust all my meetings automatically to match the time zone I am in. Then this month day light savings ended and my favorite feature becomes a major annoyance. I travel to and from Arizona and this is one of those crazy states that doesnít change time with the rest of the country. Last month Phoenix was 1 hour behind LA, now with the time change LA and Phoenix are the same time. When I leave LA and land in Phoenix, my treo tells me that LA is 1 hour behind and all my appointment are off by 1 hour. It thinks I flew into a MST time zone that observes daylight savings. I have the Phoenix location on my clock set to USA Mountain -7:00 with the ďThis location observes Daylight Savings TimeĒ un checked. I found the only solution that works is to turn on the radio, then turn off the network time, manually set the time zone to my phoenix location, adjust the time on the clock to the correct time and set it. Then immediately go back in and enable network time.

Anyone else encountered this issue? I know itís hard for people to reproduce sine it requires travel to and from AZ. I have tried everything I canít think of and I am not ready disable the network time feature. Help anyone ?!?!?