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    Its been viewed 722 times already today. Just not talking much. I think people are still a little awe-struck
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    Well I downloaded it using the hotsync tool with Palm Desktop and selecting "move to expansion card." I then used Zlauncher to move all related apps. from card to RAM. It works really good and the reader is excellent although it is a bit buggy and some of the options on the Picsel reader cause my Treo to crash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    For me it was to copy the file from the sd card but not to use it.
    I tried to copy with FileZ without success (and without UDMH). Tried the ZLauncher File Manager and move it from the card to RAM without difficulty.
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    So far very unstable for me. When moving the document around to see the full page I get a reset every time. Anyone found any tricks yet to create more stability.?
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    any one get this to work on a 600?
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    Can't download directly using WebPro ("no Javascript" error when I try to download) so it will have to wait till tonight.
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    I keep trying to Hotsync the Picsel Browser and get errors and no install. I have tried to put it directly on the SD and when i try to move to RAM i get the "out of memory" error. Any other ideas of how to install?
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    Yeah you need to use the UDMH program. It will than allow you to install it. I had the same problem.
    See dutchtrumpet's post on the first page of this thread.
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    Interesting. It seems UDMH was needed once on my Sprint T650, but after some restarts (oops, why did I click the 'config' icon in Picsel!), the program will launch without UDMH enabled.

    Once I turned off the 'read protect' bit in the .prc, I was able to use PowerRUN to move it (and its databases) to my SD card.

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    Hey, good call! I just free'd up another 2.5M by moving it to the sd w/PowerRun.
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    As someone else asked: does this work on 600? It just crashes on mine, even with reset and other suggestions.
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    From what I read over at it does not. It requires a hi-res screen.
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    I have it not crashing on my Treo 600. Here's what I did: Installed everything to the card, them moved the .pdb files (except for browser help) to RAM. Still crashed, so I installed UDMH. Now, the .prc file is still on my SD card. It brings up a screen 1/4 of my screen (80x80) and stuff happens, but I don't know how to select anything that does much except for change the screen. The rest ofthe screen is blank (black, in my case) but apparently is active.

    Any further help will certainly be appreciated...but this may not be able to run on the 600.
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    called Picsel Viewer. It is essentially the same thing, made by Picsel, but is a file viewer rather than a full web browser. Anyone with a Clie or access to a Clie want to provide a link to the english version of the Picsel Viewer software ? Preferably with a lot of bandwidth ? It comes on the original Sony CD apparently. Its been around for a while (mid-2003 at the latest). Too bad Picsel doesn't sell it as an independent product. They'd make a fortune I would think. Maybe some sort of licensing issue.
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    I found this today:
    Picsel Viewer works on my Zodiac2 and Zire72
    And Zire72 can also run NetFont 3.1 well!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go to this link:
    Tam has a program to let the palm be a clie.

    backup all the things

    Instruction on Zodiac2:
    1. run the MakeMeClie.
    2. choose "TH55"
    3. click "done", cause reset
    (actually the program not work for Zodiac, the program access zodiac api that needs tapwave's signature. that's why my zodiac cant run NetFont, but Zire72 can. anyway, picsel is good)
    4. use card export to put files:
    - Picsel Viewer.prc (from TH55)
    - Picsel Viewer Core.pdb
    - English Language Pack.pdb
    on the card
    5. use mcfile to copy 3 files to palm's RAM
    6. run the Picsel Viewer!!!!!
    (may cause reset 1st, but stable afterward)

    1. no fullscreen on Zodiac (cant find the app on codedriver, even. maybe, because of signature)

    Instruction on Zire72 is similar.
    And netFront can also run on Zire72, i can go to with it

    Please have try to find out more problem, improve MakeMeClie in the future.
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    I had a Sony TG50, and Picsel Viewer was built in. It was the most annoying program to use because its user interface is totally different from most other Palm apps.

    But, it did indeed open PDF files!

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    I loaded to card, moved to RAM with Zlauncher, program seems to run great (except tools causing reset as noted above).

    But, as I think someone mentioned above, so far I've only been able to view pdfs created using Adobe's printer driver function. Scanned images how up in the viewer as an icon in the upper-left corner.

    Anyone had any luck with this? I'm continuing to test...
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    so you installed it to your sd card, moved it to ram, then used powerrun to move it back to the sd card?

    when you guys say you move it from sd card to ram, where in ram are you putting these files? are you moving it to the root top level folder?

    also, i know someone mentioned using zlauncher to move the files.i'm not familiar with zlauncher, but i use resco file explorer. is that all you need to move these files? all you are doing is basically a cut and paste?

    Quote Originally Posted by emair
    Interesting. It seems UDMH was needed once on my Sprint T650, but after some restarts (oops, why did I click the 'config' icon in Picsel!), the program will launch without UDMH enabled.

    Once I turned off the 'read protect' bit in the .prc, I was able to use PowerRUN to move it (and its databases) to my SD card.

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    The original link no longer works - can someone create an alternative link (or PM me how to get the app)?
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    The link just worked for me. On the bottom of the page, click on the Free button. If you are still having problems, PM with your email address and I will get it to you.
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