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    Quote Originally Posted by roppper
    Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I can't locate my initial response...I use Adobe Reader on my Treo 650 and have no difficulty viewing pdf files. Both text and images. Please someone clue me in. I don't understand the problem getting/viewing pdf's. My email prog is Snapper and the combo works seamlessly.
    I used SnapperMail with my T600, but using VersaMail and IMAP (for company email) on T650. Didn't remember viewing pdf's w/Snapper, but if that's the answer, I'm reinstalling SnapperMail today. Thanks!
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    I use snapper and it DOES NOT view pdfs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roppper
    Sorry folks... I'm wrong. Had to hotsync before I could view the pdf's... Regret any confusion...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookjeremiah
    I have a solution for viewing PDFs on your Treo or Treo 650. Check out my blog post:
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    Can someone please send me the complete files needed to load Picsel Viewer on my Treo 650. Please send them in English. Thanks or tell me where to get then thanks. My e-mail address is
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    Picsel will be available on new Widows Treo
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    My questions are:

    1. How to copy these 3 files from SD Card to RAM? I have tried Filez, not working.
    Tried McFile, not working too. It always say Not enough memory, etc etc.
    2. Is UDMH necessary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by migs
    Picsel will be available on new Widows Treo
    Great. So if I die, my wife gets a Treo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chriztang
    Samsung i539 Palm smartphone which is on sale in China includes Picsel Browser. Picsel Browser can open MS word, excel, Jpg and even native PDF file in your Palm.

    Someone has extracted the program from i539 and I installed that Picsel Browser in my Treo 650. The result is......... IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!


    but I can't attach the file..

    PS: I am using GSM Unlocked Treo 650.

    PS: Want Picsel Browser to officially support for Treo 650? Write to Picsel,

    Contact Picsel

    [Download link removed at the request of the copyright holder.]
    Besides the other attachments, Aileron Mail provides support for PDF attachments with Adobe Reader for Palm OS. Even though the PDF documents are different for Palm platform, Aileron Mail seamlessly converts them on the fly to help you view your data within the PDF attachment. For more information, visit:

    Aileron Mail the mobile email solution can be used to manage mailboxes that are accessible via: IMAP4 and POP3 (with or without SSL), portals like Hotmail, MSN, AOL, GMail, Yahoo, as well as Microsoft Exchange based mailboxes that are accessible via Outlook Web Access. A no-cost no-obligation evaluation is available. Aileron Mail is a subscription service and includes free upgrades, outbound SMTP services, data encryption and compression, and more.

    I invite you to experience Aileron Mail. If you have questions, you can always meet me on-line for interactive chat between 7am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, at
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    Here is an alternative to Picsel called PalmPDF, posted yesterday at

    It did crash on me a few times. It seems to have menory problems, depending on the rendering options. Still, it's worth a look.

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    Docs To Go has released their new version that supports PDF viewing.
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    PalmPDF is working great for me so far.
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    Me too. All components of app installed to card - using LX to launch for Treo
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    I wonder if someone has already tried native pdf on PalmPDF and DocsToGo
    Which one is better ? (less crash)
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    can someone please email me the full Picsel "package"? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    PalmPDF is working great for me so far.
    No crashes or instability? That's my main concern about PalmPDF. Does it run off the SD card?
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    Thank you illustreous, missed your original post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shneor
    No crashes or instability? That's my main concern about PalmPDF. Does it run off the SD card?
    So far (just a couple of days), no crashes or instability. I haven't tried to run it off of the card yet.
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    Oh my gosh! After reading this thread again, I finally decided to try out Picsel Browser. I'd been putting it off, thinking it would just be another one like all the others I've tried. Wow is THAT wrong! The other posters that said this think is leaps and bounds ahead are right! This is DEFINATELY the next gen of browser for the TREO. It takes a little playing around with since it doesn't have English instructions, but it's fairly intuitive once you figure it out. I'd certainly PAY for a true English version -- hopefully they'll come out with one.

    As for PDF's, I've tried both PalmPDF and Picsel. Sorry PalmPDF, but I think Picsel Browser blows away your program as well.

    One question -- has anyone got ANY of the PDF programs (DTG, PalmPDf or Picsel) to be able to open pdf attachments from Verizon's wireless sync email program? That program won't let you save attachments as files, and when I try to just open from the email, it says I don't have an appropriate viewer installed.
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    Can anyone let the rest of us know where to get this? Or at least email how to go about finding? Thanks.
    Jer 23:29

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