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    can i please get the files too?

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    hope picsel releases these file for the 650 soon.
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    can i please get the files too? info at dhlc dot com
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    I was curious. With so many people asking for the files, is anyone receiving them? I ask only because I have not received any yet and was curious if anyone had had better success. If anyone is still sharing the needed files, please send all 3 to

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    i haven't received a copy yet at, i'd be glad to send it to others once i receive a copy.
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    nope I requested them but have received nothing either
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    Yes, I have received the files. Just didn't get them to work yet...
    By the way, I have a Tungsten T5 and the Repligo Software installed. I think it's one of the best pdf readers ever made, but you have to convert the files before opening them. Anyway, it has many cool features, including flow visualization, zooming, highlighting, bookmarks and many others. This is just a suggestion for those who couldn't get Picsel Browser to run.
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    I got it. It seems stable but the commands to scan through a document are pretty picky. It takes up a lot of space unless you run it off the SD card.
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    No, I didn't get them....... I promise to pass on good karma..
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    Please forward required files to read pdf on treo...
    I would really appreciate it.
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    please send the files to me also at:


    replace the /at-sign/ with an @

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    I would also appreciate a copy of the files. It can be sent to Much thanks.
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    any chance you could pass the files on to
    I would greatly appreciate it.
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    can someone provide a web hosting for the files?
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    Chriz, email me the files. I'll try to put them up on my .Mac web page.

    In the meantime, for those interested. you can watch my South Africa highlight clip that's up there (total time: 6 min). Hopefully we'll be able to get the PDF files up there soon!!

    Edit: fyi - the first 1:30 of the South Africa trip is a bunch of youngsters singing the SA anthem. I know, soooo off topic.
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    Any file yet?
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    I haven't received anything from Chriz or anyone.
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    For a limited time only...they are available here:
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    Thanks illustreous, now, do I need to install all 4 files to make program work? Were you able to run the program from your SD?
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    3 files are necessary - everything but the browser help pages. I FIRST hotsynced the three files to my SD card and DID NOT launch them. Then, using ZLauncher, I moved the files to RAM (make sure you have enough RAM available). At this point I launched the .prc file (clicked on the executable .prc file). After this I closed out of Picsel and then moved all three files to my SD card using ZLauncher again.

    That's it!

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