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    Quote Originally Posted by mshaw1515
    Faxed/Scanned .pdf files...

    I've started a new thread dedicated to viewing faxed/scanned .pdf files with Picsel.
    sorry i am busy in these few weeks. so far i have no clue for the solution, i will try to look into it more details later on.
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    can someone e-mail me the picsel files?

    apdeluca @ yahoo . com

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    can someone pleas email me the files also..
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    Please also email me the files:

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    Hate to say it but.... Me too!

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  7. cwb
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    me too please
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    Would someone be so kind as to please email me the the files also? (I just couldn't bring myself to say: "me too")

    milagroman10 @
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    Another request for the files. Please send to

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    Anyone try it with a Wordperfect file?
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    I would really like to try reading pdfs on my treo, can somebody please email the files to me Greatly appreciated.
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    Of course you can read pdf files with Adobe Reader for palm OS. Free and easy, has a conduit, acts like Docs to Go sort of. Love it.
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    can i be send a copy too? =) thanks
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    You cannot read NATIVE pdf files with Adobe's acrobat reader for the palm. The conduit converts your pdf's into ANOTHER pdf format that the reader reads. Picsel cuts out the middleman and reads native pdf files w/o the conduit/conversion.
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    Hi... Sorry to bother you... Could you possibly send me the file? I really appreciate it. Thanks! (
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    Count me in please....

    sfslim /at/ gmail /dot/ calm

    (sorry about zee anti-spam measures - you know what to do right?)
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    Please send it to me too at
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    an me too please!!! THANKS!!!
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    To confirm, I need the following files:

    1. Picsel Browser.prc OR Picsel_Browser_eng.prc
    2. English Language Pack.pdb
    3. Picsel Browser Core.pdb

    I have #1. Picsel Browser.prc OR Picsel_Browser_eng.prc but can someone send #2 & #3 ( English Language Pack.pdb and Picsel Browser Core.pdb) ortloff/at/fastmail/dot/fm

  20. dT5
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    I got three files: English(222k), Picsel(128k) and Browser (0.72k). They do not have any kind of extensions (.pdb or .prc). Could anyone tell me which is which?

    I also have downloaded the english version Picsel Brower eng.prc from the link... Does it mean I donīt have to install the English pack?

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