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    I just successfully unlocked my treo 650 from Cingular. I tested it with a T-Mobile Sim and it worked great! Is DUN enabled now? The phone was originally locked, so would I still have to patch it?

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    How did you unlock it? was it with the *#*#89155271# -DIAL trick?

    And I'm thinking your firmware would still not have that stuff enabled, so patching would be required.....just guessing.
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    I called up Cingular and *****ed about it until they gave me an unlock code. I used the *#*#<unlock code specific to my imei># method.
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    As far as I know, unlocking your phone isn't going to magically update your firmware with DUN enabled.
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    Agreed -- I did the same (TMo with unlocked Cing Treo 650) and you have to put a hack in there to GET to the DUN ... doesn't work that well for me, so nothing really gained by it ...
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    Im also on an unlocked Cingular T650 with Tmobile. I used the Shadowmite hack to enable BT DUN and it works like a charm. The biggest problem was configuring the connection settings on my Powerbook but after you get it right its simple to connect.

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