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    I'm going on my third replacement Treo 650 from Rogers Wireless. The Treos seem to Freeze up on me and start responding very slowly. This can happen in any application or action, it even froze when it was in sleep mode and would not wake up.

    On the second Treo I did a factory reset, did not sync or install and third party apps or accessories and it will still freeze time to time. I turned off "use network time" as I read that may cause a memory leak or loop.

    I'm hoping the third one is the charm.

    Rogers has been very good about replacements when PalmOne tech support says there is "nothing more they can do, order a replacement".

    Anyone experiencing the same problem? Is this normal for the Treo?
    How often does everyone reset their Treos?

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    I am noticing this too. I have seen references to VersaMail autosync but I don't use that application. I even went through the exercise of removing almost half of my older appointment records, about 2000, thinking I had too many records the system had to sort.

    It is very frustrating at times.

    I am using Sprint PCS with the 1.08 update.
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    I am using an unlocked GSM on Rogers. I am not experiencing any of these problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enzo44
    I am using an unlocked GSM on Rogers. I am not experiencing any of these problems.

    Really? Do you think it may be a Rogers Locked Phone/SIM problem or am I just getting lemons from them?

    How often does everyone reset thier phones?
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    I try to remember to soft reset every few days just for good measures (due to the memory leak problem). It is very stable. I may get a reset every week or so, if that.

    From what I understand, the Rogers SIMs are pretty standard. I kinda doubt it's that, but who knows (shrug).

    I roam into the states quite frequently. So I spend a lot of time changing networks. I also work in a hospital and there are a lot of dead signal areas. What I have found is that at times, if I am using an app on the 650 and the phone begins looking for a signal or if I move from one network to another; I experiance a slight freeze. This usually only lasts ten seconds or so (max). After the freeze ends, all of key strokes or taps will soon catch up. It really hasnt been much of a problem though. It might happen once or twice a week. What is your signal strength when you get these freezes? Are you in an area that has a lot of dead signal areas?

    If this is a frequent problem that is easily reproduced, I would try turning off the phone radio and see if you can reproduce the problem.

    Just a guess,

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