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    To put things short my US purchased Treo 600 got the dead pixel diesease ie orange spots that spread across the screen.

    Here in Sweden the normal warranty is 12 months but you also get a 24 month warranty for production faults. So when i call PalmOne here in Sweden they tell me my phone is out of normal product warranty but since its production fault I could lean on the 24 month warranty.

    Problem is that I bought my phone in USA, do you guys have any law that gives you more than 12 months warranty for production faults? Would need some facts to lean on when I call US support/repairs.

    Problem occured two weeks out of warranty.

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    Unless it's written in the warranty documents that came with the phone, I don't think you'll find any "extra" warranty. The U.S. certainly doesn't require any such extended coverage. In fact, in most cases manufacturers are free to offer as little warranty as they wish, as long as they clearly state the terms.

    I'm not intimately familiar with the terms of PalmOne's (or Handspring's) warranty, but I'm pretty sure it's only for one year.
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