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    I know that I am risking Sod's Law here but, I just wanted to say that my Treo 650 GSM (unlocked) settled down about a month ago and stopped crashing and freezing. Not that it happened often in the first place but, in the first month, I probably had about 5 to 8 freezes that I had to resolve through a reset. But, then the freezes just stopped. Th phone has worked perfectly for the last few weeks.

    I have even stopped looking out for the firmware update.

    Any one else with a similar experience.

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    Mine has only frozen a couple of times ever, but the random resets have deffinetely slowed down from when I first got it.

    I attribute that largely to no longer using VersaMail and being a little more selective in what Freeware and Beta ware I install on my 650.

    Overall now I am finding my Treo 650 to be very stable.
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