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    After reading tons it looks like my 1st applications that I should get are a good uninstall and a good backup. I know it is all personal preference, but I'm leaning toward Uninstall Manager and Backupman. Still too green to start messing with the ROM yet. Also planning on getting:

    calendar app just not sure which one?
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    Get the Northglide NeatFreakPak Bundle which includes UM and Cleanup. Install these as very 1st app.

    Another good deal is the BlueNomad Bundle which includes BackupBuddy Pro and BackupBuddy pro VFS.

    As far as a calendar app, I find most of them, like launcher's, far too "busy" with oversized fonts and icons. I finally settled on Lil Red Spider's TMP. Not very feature rich as yet since version 1.0 was just released but the interface is unique, very clear and uncluttered as if it was the first to make full use of the 320 x 320 screen. More features are being worked on and the developer has been very responsive in this regard.
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    I second that, I cant imagine any one that would not need datebook5. That is the biggest longest list of positive user reviews I have ever seen. DateBook5

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