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    Ok I bought it yesterday at local Frys store in Houston.

    IT looks dashing and no other bluetooth headset look as new and sleek as bt800.

    Here is my review:

    Pairing is breeze. Sound quality is very good (but not excellent) when listening to other party but, as far as talking on it; BT800 is EXCELLENT.

    Noice cancellation:

    I came to my apartment building while talking to my friend on BT800 and saw lanscaping people working on grass etc. It was noisy walking thru them to my apartment and at one point I ask my friend "can you hear this noise these guys are cutting grass...its noisy as hell" and he said "what noise?".
    I was in shock and walk towards noise and ask again he still couldnt hear anything. I was impress.
    Then again in the evening I went to starbucks on westheimer Galleria (houstonian should know how noisy it is in there in the evening) and talk for half hour with my co-worker without her asking me "what noise is that, where you at? " which she normally ask. When I told her I was at starbucks she didnt believe me :-).

    Ringer tones:
    Works well. There are 3 ringer tunes built in, no idea if you can add others...have to read about it, also you can leave settings for bt800 to ring with ringtone from phone set. It works with my treo 650.

    Caller id:
    This is funny thing.... during last 25 calls I had 23 of them were shown on caller id while two of them didnt even ring on headset at all. I am not sure if headset was off or on since I was trying to save battery so I might have to work on it, but to my experience of one day, it works without any issue.

    Sound quality:

    As per as listening, it works well. No cracking, no noise and no other issues with 650. Also may be it sound weird but range of BT800 is BIT more than other headsets I have (HBH660 and Treo headset). Noise cancellation works well and other party have no issues listening to me, and sometime they wont even notice the background or recognize where I am. For me that is plus.

    For me; Small issues are:

    headset is not totally compatible (delays), caller id works 98% of times (have to test it for few more days), and main thing (most people will not like) are delays transfering calls. Worst delay I had is 11.5 seconds but average is around 9-10 seconds from phone start ringing to headset acknowledge it.

    In conclusion this is best headset with issues like delay that be headeche for some, but for me its ok.and I think this is ONLY TRUE NOICE CANCELLING BLUETOOTH HEADSET that looks like geeky (something from startwar movie), and still sound good without cracking or breaking at all. I noticed more area covered by BT800 then SE HBH 660 or TREO Headset (around 2 feet or more than both).

    I paid 149.99 at local Frys store in North Houston. I thought about trying as I always can return it, but I definitely going to keep it.

    If anyone have specific question, ask me. I will try to answer it best to my knowledge.

    I have two treo650, one Sprintpcs, and 2nd Tmobile (unlocked 650). I also have treo headset, HBH660 and motorolla 810.
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    Delay of 9-10 seconds in answering. I suspect that would make it pretty useless for many folks (certainly would not be acceptable for many business calls). Is the treo wireless headset better here? How about sound comparison between these two? Thanks.
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    Yes for most people it will be an issue, but same is noise in the background. I hate to say that even though treo headset and HBH660 are very good BT headsets but when you in public area, they become useless for clear conversation. So yes you have used to THE delay. But other than that sound and noise cancellation work great.

    As per HBH660, treo headset; they are very good headsets. Great sound, no irritating scratchy sound, great compatibility for treo etc. But again for me headset needs to be used at all places, not in empty isolated place. With both headsets I always end up repeating myself or have to tell other person to hold on for a while because I am in coffee shop or shopping mall or even in home crossing living room while someone watching TV loud.

    It all comes down to your own preference, and I already have best of all compatible headsets for treo650, so I intend to take advantage of all of them, depends on situation :-).
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    Is the delay caused by the BT on the Treo, or is it a problem with the Headset?
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    Interesting review. I haven't read anything good at all about that headset, but I love it's potential. I keep checking their website to see if there are any updates released for the Treo.
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    @David, What jabra people claim is; profile built in treo650 is headset profile and that is why there is delay. They want people to keep looking for updates on PalmOne or jabra site. So this mean its restriction built in by Treo, but its fishy cause there isnt any issue with other Bluetooth headsets, even with other headsets from jabra :-)
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    Arsman, two things that give this headset high ratings from me is looks and sound. Yes there are delays but when you get noise cancellation built in (and working fine) in portable bluetooth headset, its priceless. I hope and really hope that there is some update on either side (palm1 or jabra) so I can replace all other bluetooth headsets I have (I have plenty) :-).
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    Simply said it does not function well with the Treo.

    The 9 to 11 second delay of picking up and transferring a call is an issue of immense 2 days of trial usage i missed over 50% of calls due to the user on other end hanging up before I could get to them.

    Caller Id worked about 50% of the time...

    I did like the ring tone and vibrate features...good ideas but because of the above useless..

    I also did not like the form factor.. the headset stuck way off of your head..and flopped around easily... the case was a creaking plastic...and very angular...i did like the jog wheel like control though

    I have tried out 4 BT headsets in all.

    The first was the Bluetrek and it is awesome but ranked number 3 overall.

    My favorite is the the Sony Akono HBH-660 headset..the only other one on the market besides the BT800 with caller ID .. (numeric only).

    Great reception..great battery..great fit... and great noise cancellation... It is ranked number 1 out of the 4 i have tried.

    The other is the Motorola HS-820... again great fit..great reception and is my 2nd ranked overall .

    I expect we'll see more headsets coming out with the same features as the BT800...
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    "The other is the Motorola HS-820... again great fit..great reception and is my 2nd ranked overall"...


    You got the HS-820 to work with the Treo 65?
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    ^^^That's the same question I have!!! I returned my HS-820 because it did not ring in the headset, and I had to manually depress the talk button in order for the headset to pair. I've since ordered a TWH and I can't wait until I receive it...besides, it uses the same charger as the phone!!!

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