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    I realize there are lots of threads about cases, but i am looking for specific suggestions for my wife. I ordered her the 650 this evening, her first treo, and she will be a casual user...mostly phone functions & a little data. I suspect she will carry the treo in her purse most of the something simply & practical is in order i believe - so, anyone have any suggestions for my wife? thanks everyone for your help!
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    Skin case with a boxwave screen protector.
    Might also want to check out the nutshell purse model - open top, with just belt loops for when she's in jeans. The gator finishes look pretty good.
    If she's like my wife, the purse weighs 15 pounds and gets slammed around a lot - lol.
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    Am I the only one that saw the thread title and thought you were looking to incarcerate your spouse?
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    LOL! Thanks everyone for the help...i got her one of the skin's from boxwave.
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    If you get a screen protector (highly recommend since she's going to have it in her purse). I'd go with the TC ones. They're anti-glare and don't show fingerprints when you touch it.

    I enjoy the Boxwave skin, however the part that goes across the buttons and 5way controller were always getting on my nerves. I eventually just took an exacto and cut it out. Still stays in the skin, and I have easier access to the 5way and the buttons.
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    My wife has trashed several Treos in her purse when they just bang around and the paint wears and the screen gets scratched. If the purse has a dedicated phone pocket, great. I got her an Innopocket aluminum case (with plastic window) and she seems happy with it. It is 'bulletproof' and still allows her to use most functions on her T650.

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