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    I have tons of old/unused screen protectors for my old Palm VII and Visor Prism. Not wanting to throw them out, I had an idea about how to recycle them:

    The Treo 650 from Cingular came with a single screen-protector sheet that had outlines for each device. What I was thinking is copying this sheet, making a cardboard cutout and tracing along my old Palm VII and Prism backings. Unfortunately, I threw out the screen protector cutout shortly after I bought my Treo 650.

    Would someone who didn't throw theirs out mind scanning it and attaching it here in this thread? I did one this way by sight and it worked ok but it's hard getting the dimensions just right and took a bit of time. I could imagine not having to buy screen protectors for another 2-3 years with the stock I have currently

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    jonecool, any chance you're close to Birmingham, or HWY 280? I can meet up with you and give you a few I've got.
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    may be different for yours, but i used one of the screen protectors I had for my old palm VIIx (made by fellowes) and they have a texture that makes the screen resolution look bad. Just try measuring and cutting one to see. Its free and does its job but really makes the screen look wierd, good luck though.

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