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    About 2 weeks ago, my 512MB SD card stopped working. It had corrupted, showing funky characters, and even the name had changed. I thought for sure it was my 650 causing the problems, until I realized my PC would only sometimes format and write to the card.
    I decided to stick the freebie 128MB I got from PalmOne in and get it up and running. It ran fine for about a week, and just a few minutes ago it became corrupted.
    The card has not been in the PC.
    Has anyone else had these problems? I absolutely hate to swap this phone out with another. This phone has been terrific, seldom crashing or resetting. I have crashed/reset twice in two months.
    Any comments appreciated.
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    I had the same problem. I finally traced the problem to the card reader built into my computer. Now when I use an external USB reader, I don't have any more problems. Try formatting the card and then using a different reader/writer.
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    He said his 128MB card hasn't been on he PC.

    Sounds like time for a new T650...

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