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    i have made a wrapper script in bash that will easily convert pdf to pdb.

    i am working on a gui for it and its almost done. its for mac the gui. But i could really use insight on it. I'm not to skilled a programmer and any help would be apprecaited. not much mac knowledge is needed becuase my issues lies getting the wrapper script to work with the gui. its a sourceforge porject and im wondering if there is anyone interested. if you are contact me at Fleeebailey33[at]
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    I'm curious. Any file can be wrapped in the proper pdb headers to allow it to be installed on a Palm, but once you get it onto the palm, then what? To my knowledge, the Adobe Reader will only read specially converted pdfs. What's your target app on the Palm?
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    Can I beta this?

    Were you going to open source this or sell it? If open source...I was in the process of trying to do something similar only using the MIDP2.0 PDA Profile so that this could be done on the device without a desktop client.
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    PicselBrowser will read native PDFs on the 650. I'm trying to get it working on the 600, but so far, no luck.
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