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    Here's a neat trick. I left my 650 on my desk to charge for awhile. When I came back, the service light was blinking, even though it was still plugged into the charger. (it should have been on solid, either red or green). I tried to wake it up, but it wouldn't come on. It was at this time I realized the treo was really, really hot (much hotter than it ever has been). I opened up the back to do a soft-reset, and touched the battery with my hand, and it was *scalding* hot. I tried a soft reset, and it came back up, but the screen was toggling between bright and dim, back and forth, at 1-second intervals. I could actually use the treo while this was happening.

    My first thought was maybe this is the treo's way of telling me there's a heat problem. I pulled the battery and let it cool down for about 5 minutes. I put it back in, and now all is well.

    So is it possible for the treo to crash and "forget" to tell the charging routine to stop feeding the battery? Wow, if this had happened overnight, the results could have been much, much worse.

    (and for pete's sake palm, hurry up with the GSM ROM update)
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    I'd suggest a replacement. Does not sound safe at all.

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